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French historical center tracks down a missing canvas in Madonna’s own assortment


Thus, Ari, assuming you're attempting to find some missing workmanship, you should actually take a look at the assortments of the rich and well known.


Better believe it. So it happens a gallery in Amiens, France, has figured out how to follow an oil painting to, in all honesty, the sovereign of pop herself, Madonna.

(Audio clip OF Tune, “VOGUE”)

MADONNA: (Singing) Come on. Vogue. Allow your body to move to the music.

SHAPIRO: The artistic creation, remembered to be by Jerome-Martin Langlois, was authorized by Louis the XVIII to hang in Versace. It was finished in 1822 and at last moved to the Musee de Picardie in Amiens.

CHANG: However when the city was besieged during The Second Great War, the canvas was accepted to have been obliterated. That was until it was spotted behind Madonna when she showed up in Paris Match magazine.

SHAPIRO: The pop artist had repurchased it at a closeout in 1989.

(Short clip OF Chronicled RECORDING)

BRIGITTE FOURE: (Communicating in French).

SHAPIRO: This is the city hall leader of the Amiens, Brigitte Foure, contacting Madonna in a video message, requesting a credit.

CHANG: Amiens is in the racing to be named the social capital of Europe, which will be chosen by the European Association in 2028. The city is trusting that a credit and a potential visit from Madonna herself will raise its profile on the social guide.

SHAPIRO: The vocalist hasn't answered at this point, yet we will watch to check whether the historical center has the canvas hung up on its walls soon.

(Audio clip OF Melody, “HUNG UP”)

MADONNA: (Singing) I'm hung up. I'm hung up on you. Sitting tight for your call, child, night and day – I'm exhausted. I'm burnt out on looking out for you. Record given by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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