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Can Diaz box? Who has the edge? How good will the promotion be?

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul have been trading waste chat via web-based entertainment and in the press for more than a year. Their two groups got into an actual quarrel behind the stage during one of Paul's battles. Paul called Diaz out on a few trades, remembering for his postfight interview in the wake of beating Anderson Silva last year.

As of not long ago, it didn't seem like the gigantic session would meet up. Diaz just turned into a free specialist from the UFC last November. In February, Paul felt the main loss of his genius boxing vocation against Tommy Fierceness. Yet, over the course of the past month, things met up. Furthermore, presently the session is true.

Paul, the YouTuber-turned-prizefighter, will take on Diaz, one of the most well known warriors in UFC history, in a fight Aug. 5 in Dallas. The session is contracted for eight rounds at 185 pounds.

The two men couldn't be more unique. Paul has constructed a worthwhile boxing vocation in the wake of being an online entertainment powerhouse and featuring in a Disney show. Diaz experienced childhood in hard-scrabble Stockton, California and has battled a's who of MMA greats north of 15 years in the UFC. There are numerous sensational layers including this show going into one of the year's greatest battles.

ESPN insiders Marc Raimondi, Mike Coppinger, Ben Child and Jeff Wagenheim investigate the battle underneath.

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