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‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2: Each Celebrity Relative Revealed

Twelve new nepo children battle to stay quiet about the personalities of their renowned relatives in Specialty Season 2, which debuted Monday, June 26 on ABC. Facilitated by siblings Kevin Jonas and Franklin Jonas, this season vows to be far superior than its ancestor. Also, in light of the legendary implosion found in the primary episode, it will be noteworthy in any event.

In the debut, the 12 challengers of the Specialty Season 2 cast presented themselves by sharing two insights and a lie about their VIP relative. The responses must be organized as how they're connected with this superstar, what that VIP is known for, and the greatest award to their name. Quite, the contenders don't need to involve their genuine names in the game. Players in Season 1 utilized initials or various names completely. As Kevin says, the untruths will have large amounts of Season 2.

One challenger's untruths could not hope to compare to what she called “self-evident” hints in the Specialty Season 2 debut. To say she returned home disheartened is putting it mildly. Figure out Carly's popular relative in the exhibition underneath, alongside our speculations for who the other big name relatives could be.

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