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DEC Forest Rangers

New York State Branch of Ecological Preservation (DEC) Woods Officers answer search and salvage occurrences statewide. Working with other state offices, nearby crisis reaction associations, and volunteer inquiry and salvage gatherings, Woodland Officers find, and concentrate lost, harmed, or troubled individuals from across New York State.

In 2023, DEC Woodland Officers led 370 pursuit and salvage missions, doused 146 fierce blazes covering almost 1,400 sections of land, partook in 52 endorsed fires that restored in excess of 1,000 sections of land of land, and dealt with cases that brought about many tickets and captures.

“Whether they are driving complex pursuit and salvage episodes, smothering fierce blazes, upholding regulations on State terrains and easements, motivating the up and coming age of natural stewards, or empowering mindful diversion, Woods Officers stand prepared to help when called,” DEC Interval Chief Sean Mahar said. “Woodland Officers' far reaching mastery and coordinated effort with neighborhood, State, and government accomplices are instrumental in safeguarding New York's public terrains and the numerous guests who use them.”

Town of Brewster
Putnam Province
Obtrusive Species Control: On May 3, Woodland Officer Russo joined volunteers and staff from DEC's Division of Fish and Natural life to get out reed grass phragmites from Swamp Stream Exceptional Region. Phragmites are an obtrusive species that overwhelm a few wetlands, making it challenging for local vegetation to develop.

Officer getting out phragmites in Marsh Creek Exceptional Region
Officer Russo getting out phragmites in Marsh Creek Exceptional Region

Town of Saranac Lake
Franklin District
Preparing: From May 6 to 10, Timberland Officers Adams, Bowler, and O'Connor partook in a Police Bicycle Watch and Wellbeing Course facilitated by the Saranac Lake Police Division. This course is a prerequisite for Woods Officers who watch the rail trail on bikes.

Police nearby bikes
Police bicycle school

City of Albany
Albany Region
Dedication: On May 7, individuals from the Backwoods Officers Ceremonial group partook in the yearly police commemoration at the Domain State Square. A help was held to respect cop line of obligation passings from 2023.

Woodland Officer Ceremonial group holding banners at yearly police remembrance
Woodland Officer Ceremonial group at yearly police remembrance

Towns of Fine and Guilderland
Albany and St. Lawrence Regions
Recommended Flames: On May 7, Woodland Officer Laymon joined staff and volunteers from DEC's Division of Grounds and Timberlands and the Albany Pine Shrub to direct an endorsed fire on 50 sections of land in the Pine Bramble in the town of Guilderland.

On May 9, Timberland Officers joined Officer School understudies from the State College of New York School of Ecological Science and Ranger service to lead an endorsed fire on 0.6 sections of land of land on East Limit Street in the town of Fine. As well as engendering warm season grasses, the consume filled in as a preparation device for new wildland firemen.

Endorsed fire is a significant land the executives instrument used to further develop living space for grounds and untamed life. These consumes are controlled by regulation and guideline and require specialized mastery to securely direct. Controlled consumes assist with forestalling the spread of obtrusive species, and in certain areas, endorsed fire is likewise used to diminish the development of wood, lumber litter, and different risks that fuel fires to lessen the potential for fierce blazes that undermine public wellbeing and basic framework. DEC cautiously and mindfully executes recommended fires just when conditions are positive to meet land the executives objectives.

Recommended fire delivering smoke with trees in foundation
Recommended fire in Fine

Town of North Elba
Essex Region
Wild Inquiry: On May 8 at 6:20 p.m., Beam Creek Dispatch got a call from a SOS signal close to Moose Lake and the Northville Serene Path. The subject was a 70-year-old from North Carolina who was not harmed however was lost. At 10:40 p.m., Backwoods Officers DuChene and Praczkajlo arrived at the subject, decided he wanted rest prior to climbing out, and assisted him to the Moose Lake with inclining to where he went through the evening. At 11:39 a.m. the next morning, Officers got back to the shelter and aided climb the subject free and clear. They arrived at the trailhead at 2:27 p.m.

Hamlet of Basom
Genesee Area
Public Effort: On May 11, Woodland Officer Lieutenant Kennedy and Officer Mill operator went to the Iroquois Public Untamed life Shelter Spring Stupendous, a festival to invite spring. The five-hour occasion highlighted data tents from Timberland Officers, DEC's Division of Fish and Untamed life, and the U.S. Fish and Natural life Administration. Officers clarified the necessities for become a Backwoods Officer while likewise discussing fire security. In excess of 1,000 individuals went to the occasion.

Officer addressing participants of the Iroquois Public Natural life Shelter Spring Staggering
Iroquois Public Natural life Shelter Spring Staggering

Make certain to appropriately get ready and plan prior to entering the backwoods. Visit DEC's Climb Savvy NY, Adirondack Backwoods Data, and Catskill Boondocks Data pages for more data.

On the off chance that an individual necessities a Timberland Officer, whether it's for a pursuit and salvage, to report an out of control fire, or to report criminal behavior on state terrains and easements, they ought to call 833-NYS-Officers. In the event that an individual necessities pressing help, they can call 911. To contact a Woodland Officer for data about a particular area, the DEC site has telephone numbers for each Officer recorded by district.

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DEC Forest Rangers

New York State Branch of Ecological Preservation (DEC) Woods Officers answer search and salvage occurrences statewide. Working with other state offices, nearby crisis reaction associations,

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