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Hall Quarry Beach to close June 27 due to air quality alert

Lobby Quarry Ocean side in Batavia will be shut Wednesday, June 28, because of an air quality gauge from the Natural Assurance Organization.

On June 28, air quality for the Batavia region will be “Unfortunate” for delicate gatherings, as indicated by information from airnow.gov, a site show to the EPA and its accomplices.

Quarry swim examples will be dropped and the site will likewise be shut for open swim and dusk hours.

As per airnow.gov, June 28 has been delegated Unfortunate for Delicate Gatherings. “Individual from delicate gatherings might encounter wellbeing impacts,” as per the site's Air Quality Record.

Illinois EPA and US Public Weather conditions Administration suggest dynamic youngsters and grown-ups, particularly individuals with pneumonic or respiratory sicknesses like asthma, keep away from long or extreme outside movement. Every other person ought to decrease outside movement.


Lobby Quarry Ocean side will return for swim examples and open swim on Thursday, June 29.

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