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How To Watch ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ Now Available For Streaming

The remainder of the best picture chosen people from the 2023 Oscars, Symbol: The Method of Water, is at last accessible to stream at home.

The Oscar victor for best enhanced visualizations is James Cameron's development to the 2009 science fiction epic Symbol, which drenches watchers back in the world of Pandora, where the Na'vi wander.

Symbol: The Method of Water reunites the cast from the main film, including Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang. Kate Winslet additionally joined the establishment, rejoining her with Cameron after 1997's Titanic.

In Symbol 2, Jake Contaminate (Worthington) finds his family under danger from people once more and takes shelter inside another faction on Pandora, the oceanic Metkayina.

The film previously hit venues in December 2022 and partook in a long selective dramatic run, something turning out to be increasingly rare in this period of streaming. It was a basic hit (with a 76% Ensured Crisp rating on Bad Tomatoes) and turned into the most elevated netting film of 2022, making more than $2.3 billion around the world.

Presently, 102 days in the wake of appearing in theaters, you can at long last watch Symbol: The Method of Water at home at a cost.

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