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Is That a Doja Cat or a Life-Size Swarovski Crystal?

Doja Cat triumphs. She will almost always make a significant fashion or beauty statement when she steps out. The performer has gone to several lengths, like vaping on the red carpet and shaved her head at random. She appeared at Schiaparelli's Haute Couture Fashion Week show in Paris decked out in 30,000 Swarovski crystals for her most outrageous performance to date. Yep, 30,000.

You were mistaken if you assumed it was merely a bodysuit made of crystals; Doja is far too dedicated to pulling off a look for that. A special mixture of red paints was used to completely paint Doja's skin, and red glitter was then used to give it an iridescent gloss and an illuminated appearance. Swarovski crystals were then painstakingly hand-applied to finish her off. The eye-catching look was created by Pat McGrath, and Doja wore the makeup artist's Elson 4 Legendary Wear Matte Lipstick, a vibrant blue-red that masked her painted skin flawlessly. She had decked every visible part of her body with jewellery, even her lips, which were set with jewels. She wore a silk bustier and hand-knitted custom skirt by Schiaparelli to bring everything together.

How long could it have taken to prepare this appearance, and what questions spring to mind? And how long would it take to get rid of all those paint and crystals? Nevertheless, the drama was wholly justified because she looked stunning while watching from the front row.

Given that today was the opening day of the Haute Couture shows, Doja may only be at the start of an incredible week. She isn't hesitant to test the boundaries and serve a full-on camp style that perfectly captures the essence of haute couture, that much is certain.

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