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Want to support the people in Ukraine?

Several organizations are asking for assistance in helping people affected by the Russian invasion.

Metropolitan Opera says it will sever ties with Putin-allied artists

Star performers at the famed New York opera house, including soprano Anna Netrebko and conductor Valery Gergiev, have been closely associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Europe and the U.S. move to isolate Russia as Ukrainians fight to hold off invders

Russian forces met stiff resistance over the weekend in their invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the European Union is banning Russian planes and sending arms as refugees line up to escape the violence.

New York could lift its vaccine mandate for indoor spaces as soon as March 7
February 27, 2022 • Mayor Eric Adams made the announcement as the city saw a dramatic drop in coronavirus infections.

A Russian conductor has been dropped by a management company over his ties to Putin

Valery Gergiev had been represented since December 2020 by Munich-based Marcus Felsner, who started his own management company that year after leaving Opus3.

Ukrainian soldiers ho profanely told off Russian warship may be alive, officials say

Last week, a Russian warship approached Sake Island and asked the Ukrainian forces there to surrender. The response from Ukraine was simple: “Russian warship. Go f*** yourself.”

For decades, cartoonist Ray Billingsley has depicted Black family life in ‘Curtis'

He got past obstacles in the industry to bring a mostly Black cast of characters to newspapers and digital platforms across the country.

                                         SNL offers a ‘Prayer for Ukraine' in its cold open

February 27, 2022 • “Saturday Night Live” normally kicks off each show with some humor, but the comedy sketch series opened with a tribute performance to Ukraine, which is dealing with an invasion from Russia.

Texas election workers provide practical and emotional support to confused voters

Tuesday is the first statewide election in Texas since it enacted a sweeping new voting law. Some elections officials say the law has left voters unsure how and if they will be able to participate.

With mask mandates expiring, businesses bet on their own policies
February 27, 2022 • Mask mandates are going away around the country, so shops and restaurants are developing their own policies based on personal choice and risk tolerance.

Jennifer Hudson wins top honor at 53rd NAACP Image Awards

Hudson wins entertainer of the year at the 53rd annual NAACP Image Awards honoring work by entertainers of color, beating out Regina King, Lil Nas X, Megan Thee Stallion and Tiffany Haddish.

After a night of heavy fighting, Ukrainian officials say they still control Kharkiv

Street fighting broke out early Sunday in Kharkiv as Russian troops pushed into Ukraine's second-largest city, according to a regional official as the capital, Kiev, continued to hold out.


North Korea fires ballistic missile in resumption of testing
North Korea launched a ballistic missile into the sea on Sunday, its neighbors said. It was the eighth of its kind this year and comes as U.S. attention is focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia hits Ukraine fuel supplies and airfields in fresh attacks
The latest wave of attaks targeted Ukrainian airfields and fuel supplies as the Russian invasion appears to have been blunted by fierce resistance even as the U.S. and EU send Ukraine more weapons.
People fleeing Ukraine cross into Romania

As Russia invades their country, Ukrainians fleeing conflict are crossing into bordering nations. Satellite images show miles of cars and trucks waiting to cross into Romania.

Antiwar protesters take to the streets around the world insupport of Ukraine

In cities across continents, protesters are standing in solidarity against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin.

CBS producer Chris Licht is set to be the nexthead of CNN

Licht would replace Jeff Zucker, who resigned earlier this month after saying he had failed to acknowledge a romantic relationship with a senior executive at the network.