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The White Lotus: Are Portia’s Clothes Good or Bad?

Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge) contacts her Gen-Z assistant Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) at the start of last night's episode of The White Lotus and invites her to travel to Palermo aboard the boat of their new friends. “You'll want to pack some adorable items. Do you have any adorable items? Asks Tanya. Portia answers, “Yes. That is up for debate.

Portia's fashion sense has recently risen to the top of the list of the show's most contentious debates, particularly on Twitter. (Really, if you Google “Portia White Lotus,” all you'll find is criticism.) No ensemble has, however, provoked as much heated debate among the Vogue fashion reporting staff this year.

In summary, the clothing is disorganised and obviously algorithm-driven. The beaded phone chain she wore in the previous episode and her chartreuse nail polish all appear to be #sponsored purchases from TikTok. Fashion critic André-Naquian Wheeler called her look “bad trendy California young person working a job they loathe.” She freely combines prints, and she accessorises practically anything with big square sunglasses. You can tell where the idea came from: the moodboard must have featured Emma Chamberlain and her maximalist aesthetic. But when you combine them all, you can hardly tell who the individual pieces are since they all seem to be grabbing at a pattern.

Several of Portia's most popular songs? a green pair of slouchy pants with an elasticized waist, a short-sleeved cropped rugby shirt with a drawstring hem, and a crochet bucket hat. a zebra-print bikini top paired with white mom shorts, a crocheted bolero, and space dye. She wore a bandeau and matching flared pants with a spacey blue design, space buns, and platform boots with a square toe and lug sole. “The clothes are ugly but perfect. After the fourth episode's premiere, fashion critic Christian Allaire commented, “I don't even think it's horrible. After watching episode five and the aforementioned blue set, he withdrew the second statement.

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