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Beyoncé is coming to ATL this end of the week. Check whether your main tune is on her incredible set list.

The Sovereign is coming to Georgia. We're talking Sovereign B, obviously. Beyoncé. The Peach State is going to experience the hive this end of the week as Beyoncé takes her reality visit on its next stop. Aug. 11 — 14, Beyoncé's Renaissance will be in Atlanta. Is it true or not that you are prepared? Indeed, assuming you have your tickets, inn booked and outfit selected, there's as yet one thing left to do: remember each tune verse. To assist with that, we have a little treat for you: the total set list. Here are the melodies you can hope to hear experience this end of the week, concurring USA Today: OPENING Demonstration 1. “Perilously Infatuated 2” 2. “Imperfections what not” 3. “1+1” 4. “I'm Goin' Down” (Mary J. Blige cover) 5. “I Give it a second thought” RENAISSANCE 6. “I'm That Young lady” 7. “Comfortable” 8. “Outsider Hotshot” 9. “Lift Off” MOTHERBOARD 10. “Sleeve It” 11. “Energy” 12. “Break My Spirit” Plushness 13. “Arrangement” 14. “Diva” 15. “Run the World (Young ladies)” 16. “My Power” 17. “Dark Motorcade” 18. “Savage (Remix)” 19. “Segment” Blessed 20. “Church Young lady” 21. “Get Me Bodied” 22. “Before I Let Go” 23. “Maybe Pass on Youthful” 24. “Love on Top” 25. “Insane in Adoration” Blessed — Section 2 26. “Plastic Off the Couch” 27. “Virgo's Depression” 28. “Wicked Young lady” 29. “Move” 30. “Warmed” 31. “Thique” 32. “All Up To You” 33. “Tipsy in Affection” Psyche CONTROL 34. “America Has an Issue” 35. “Unadulterated/Honey” 36. “Summer Renaissance”

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