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Brooke Shields suffered a seizure after drinking too much water.

What you want to be familiar with water harmfulness, a possibly lethal condition
Brooke Safeguards overhydrated herself into a “all out terrific mal seizure” in September before the kickoff of her one-lady show in New York City, the prestigious entertainer let Charm know this week.

The 58-year-old Abruptly Susan star was “drinking such a lot of water” and didn't understand that her sodium levels were low, she told proofreader in-boss Samantha Barry in an article distributed Wednesday.

She demanded she was fine however before long regarded herself as meandering outside “for no great explanation by any stretch of the imagination” prior to heading into an eatery.

By then, everything went dark, she said.

“My hands drop to my side and I go directly into the wall,” she related, adding that she was “foaming at the mouth, thoroughly blue, attempting to swallow my tongue.”

The following thing she recalls that, she was being stacked into an emergency vehicle, wearing oxygen, with “Bradley f****** Cooper sitting close to me, holding my hand.” Her significant other, Chris Henchy, couldn't be reached, yet Cooper turned out to be close by and went with her to the clinic.

Safeguards had “overwhelmed” her framework with water, she told the magazine, bringing about low sodium levels. From that point forward, her primary care physician has encouraged her to “eat potato chips consistently,” she added.

A lot of water can be lethal
It's muddled assuming that Safeguards has a fundamental ailment or is on a prescription that inclines her toward low sodium levels, known as hyponatremia. In any case, water poisonousness is a genuine condition, specialists say — one that can demonstrate lethal. This late spring a 35-year-old mother from Indiana passed on from the condition subsequent to drinking bounteous measures of water — at one point four containers in under 30 minutes — following a July 4 few days of sailing that left her seriously dried out.

“What individuals cannot deny is that they shouldn't hydrate — in excess of eight glasses of water in under 60 minutes,” Dr. Hilary Fairbrother, crisis medication doctor with UTHealth Houston in Texas, tells Fortune. “That is a great deal of water. That is somebody who is chugging water. Our bodies are only not intended for that volume of water to rapidly be ingested that.”

This is what else you really want to be familiar with the condition.

What is water harmfulness?
The familiar proverb that our bodies are made of water is valid, Fairbrother says. However, there's another side to it. Our bodies are made of salt water. While certain individuals rush to renew with water while practicing or dried out, they fail to remember that water “is simply hydrogen and oxygen,” with no salt.

“Along these lines, in the event that we ingest an exceptionally huge measure of new water, it can intensely change how much salt in our blood,” she adds — a change that can make individuals become ill. In an outrageous case, it could cause a seizure like the one Safeguards experienced.

In any case, the condition is “truly uncommon,” Fairbrother says. It once in a while occurs in competitors like long distance runners who don't recharge with electrolyte drinks, or in old individuals who don't eat and drink a lot and foster the condition over the long haul. It likewise happens in a psychological sickness known as psychogenic polydipsia, which brings about water inebriation from impulsive water drinking.

Anything Safeguards' explanation, “she hydrated rapidly, and nobody ought to do that — it's not beneficial,” Fairbrother says. Further, eating potato chips isn't normal clinical exhortation, she says. Fairbrother can't analyze the superstar.

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