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Daisy Ridley discusses being an introvert and playing dead in “I Think I’m Dying”: “I’m like an old lady,”

No one is more startled than Daisy Ridley's mother when she sees scenes from her new movie “Sometimes I Think About Dying” that feature her dead body.

The British actress plays a calm office worker whose daydreams feature creepy crawlies, snakes, and occasionally her prone body lying corpse-like in the dramedy, which had its Sundance premiere on Thursday. The biggest concern when filming in the cool Oregon weather was “Oh, my God, how long can I keep my eyes open and not shiver?” Ridley declares. It's undoubtedly pretty eerie, and when my mother viewed the movie, she became very moved by it. I find it really weird to see one's loved ones on film in that way.

But Fran, who she plays, doesn't want to pass away, says Ridley. In fact, she finds a reason to live after meeting a new coworker. Her bizarre fantasies are actually “simply contemplative beings in a realm she escapes to and is frantically attempting to exist,” as she has said. So it's not uncomfortable. Apart from attempting to stay warm, my experience of doing it was that it was serene in a manner.

The 30-year-old “Lead Wars” alum is a producer on “Dying” and the upcoming “fun, twisty and turny” psychological thriller “Magpie” in addition to being the movie's star and resident “bug whisperer” — a group of insects who wriggle all over Ridley in one scene “did behave really well around me.” The storyline for that movie was developed by Ridley, and her husband and co producer Tom Bateman created the screenplay. It was about a mom of a child star who is tested to the breaking point when an actress infiltrates her home. She describes it as “actually the first time I've really been on the ground from the beginning.”

On her way out of Park City, Utah, she checked in with USA TODAY before Ridley and Bateman began filming “Magpie” on Monday.

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