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Epic Games Employee Debunks Fortnite X Juice WRLD Concert News

Fortnite loves a major stage. With the Season 5 updates approaching, local area publicity is soaring. Many fans are anxiously anticipating returning to the OG map. Throughout recent days, the devs have been prodding the victorious return of the extravagant kid and things are doing great up until this point. Alongside that, late occasions likewise have the local area estimating about a potential Juice WRLD show in Fortnite

With renowned performers like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande having recently graced the famous thief shooter, expectation encompassing a Juice WRLD show was additionally high. Notwithstanding, fans better hold their ponies for the occasion. Late updates propose that it probably won't be on the table at the present time.

The Fortnite OG map has aroused the local area's consideration lately. The devs, Legendary Games, conveyed extraordinary bundles to prod the arrival of the OG guide and fans couldn't trust the signs. Yet again with the arrival of the OG, a great deal of old highlights are likewise expected to return. The OG trailer was delivered and a few records imparting the video to Juice WRLD music were struck somewhere near the DMCA. Normally, this caused the local area to accept that a show may be up and coming for the game to show such antagonism.

Nonetheless, an industry insider has tipped that the late rap legend may not be showing up for a virtual show right now. The insider got word from a representative at Epic Games that a Juice WRLD show isn't on the books right now. A Fortnite x Juice WRLD highlight has been an oftentimes mentioned thing by the fans for quite a while. In any case, it's not intended to be.

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