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Exclusive: Aryna Sabalenka on Her Dominating Australian Open Victory

The morning after Aryna Sabalenka won her second continuous Australian Open, her lodging is mayhem. You can pardon her for not cleaning up; after a couple of long periods of rest and a drawn out evening of celebrating over sharp sticky bears and champagne, Sabalenka's room has been retconned into the set for her computerized cover shoot with Vogue Australia, for which she is being styled in a program of Australian planners (Christopher Esber, Camilla and Marc, Dion Lee) and her handy dandy, prize winning cherry red Nike shoes. “I really love doing photoshoots,” Sabalenka smiles, as she is hurdled into a second-skin Zimmermann skirt. “At the present time, with the experts I feel as I'm making a horrendous showing,” she jokes. “I assume I really want to do a few classes and become familiar with some stuff about how to present.”

Inside her lodging, there are garments on each surface; Nike sacks are thronw across the floor. Coating the window sitting above midtown Melbourne are bundles of roses (various) — from her beau, the hockey player Konstantin Koltsov; from the inn — a container of Flautist Heidsick champagne, and an immaculate, immaculate chocolate gateau looking like a tennis court, proclaiming her the 2024 Australian Open boss. The entire room smells like sugar.

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On a side table is a lovely hand-drawn card, given to the 25-year-old various Huge homerun champion simply that morning by a little kid. “Congrats champ” the card shouts, the Australian Open prize delivered in fluorescent yellow highlighter. “She was posing a few inquiries about what guidance I could provide for her and who was my motivation growing up,” Sabalenka shares. “She watched my match yesterday and she adored it. She was so sweet to me.”


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Sabalenka is riding an incredible high. On Saturday night, she protected her Australian Open title in only 76 minutes, a quick and enraged match that was over in straight, demanding sets. Sabalenka came into the last against Zheng Qinwen behind, positioned number two to Qinwen's one. Be that as it may, Sabalenka's down was calculated and dynamic, fueling the Belarusian to a 6-3, 6-2 triumph in a little more than an hour of playing time. Australia is without a doubt Sabalenka's four leaf clover; she won in her absolute first Huge homerun singles last here last year, in a match that went down to the last second. Throughout recent months, she has arrived at the elimination rounds at each Huge homerun and played a portion of her best tennis, yet her triumph lap in Melbourne has been surprising. 100 years, just Debris Barty has dropped less games headed for Australian Open magnificence. Put it along these lines: Sabalenka hasn't lost a match at Bar Laver field beginning around 2021.

Sabalenka commending her title point at the Bar Laver Field on Saturday.
Sabalenka, commending her title point at the Bar Laver Field on Saturday. Photograph: Getty Pictures
The Australian Open prize conveys with it untold individual significance, as well. At the point when Sabalenka's dad passed on quite a while back, she guaranteed him that she would win two Huge homeruns when she was 25. Consecutive Australian Opens satisfies that promise — and Sabalenka is as yet 25. (She turns 26 in May.) It's a self-contradicting second for her, yet one that energizes her forward. “At the point when you get a couple of, you get hungrier and hungrier,” she makes sense of. “You need it significantly more than you needed it previously, in light of the fact that you have this essence of what it's like. The objective is to hold stretching yourself to the edges and perceive how far you can get.”

Vogue: Congrats on a triumph, yet a truly prevailing triumph. What are you generally glad for from your presentation this competition?

Aryna Sabalenka: I think the best thing was I had the option to deal with pressure all around well and contend at such a significant level with all the strain, which was the best thing I did over the most recent few weeks.

Did you feel like there was added pressure returning to protect the title?

Obviously. You attempt to overlook it however you see your photos all over the place. Like, each interview you get these inquiries regarding shielding the title. You attempt to overlook it yet at the same time it's in your mind. For a long time you're truly battling with yourself inside, making an effort not to allow these questions to come into your brain. It's been a truly extreme two or three weeks and I'm truly blissful I had the option to traverse.

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