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Here’s Why Fans Think Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘The Grudge’ Is About Her Rumored Fallout With Taylor Swift

Here's The reason Fans Think Olivia Rodrigo's ‘The Resentment' Is About Her Reputed Aftermath With Taylor Quick

What occurred between Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Quick? Did anything occur? The world might in all likelihood never know — however following the arrival of Rodrigo's new melody “The Resentment,” it sure needs answers.Rumors have been twirling for a really long time that the two stars had a run in over a copyright issue with Rodrigo's hit single “This feels familiar,” which she once said was somewhat enlivened by Quick's “Savage Summer” before unobtrusively retroactively acknowledging Quick as a co-essayist. (A comparative situation went down with Rodrigo's “Great 4 U,” on which she retroactively acknowledged and split eminences for Paramore's Hayley Williams and Josh Farro after audience members brought up likenesses between the melody and “Hopelessness Business.”)

Toward the start of her music profession, Rodrigo enthusiastically recognized as a super devotee of the “Screw-up” vocalist and, surprisingly, added Quick's “New Years Day” on one more Harsh melody, “1 Step in the right direction, 3 Stages Back.” However since the “This feels familiar” circumstance, she's gone radio quiet about her Swiftiehood, and even appears to sidestep inquiries regarding Quick in interviews.

In a New York Times profile, for example, Rodrigo said she'd been excessively occupied to get a show on Quick's Periods Visit. She additionally decided not to verify or refute whether her tune “Vampire” was about her onetime symbol, however she admitted to feeling “exceptionally astonished when individuals thought” the searing track was about Quick.


Enter: “The Resentment,” which dropped Friday (Sept. 8) alongside nine other new melodies and two recently delivered singles, “Vampire” and “Poorly conceived notion Right?” on Rodrigo's sophomore collection Guts. The piano song finds the 20-year-old pop star pondering a soured relationship with somebody whom she once respected, conceding toward the end that “even after so much, you're as yet everything to me.”

“I have bad dreams every week ‘session that Friday in May/One call from you and my whole world was transformed,” she sings. “Ooh, your blossoms loaded up with nastiness/You developed me to watch me fall/You have everything you actually need more.”

The verses stood apart to a huge number as being suggestive of Rodrigo's supposed quarrel with the senior star, who recently appeared to be partial to Rodrigo and supported her initial accomplishment with “Drivers Permit” preceding the “This feels familiar” catastrophe. “Olivia Rodrigo's new melody ‘The Resentment' is totally about Taylor Quick, right?” tweeted one fan, sharing screen captures of the tune's most pointed lines.

“The show. The indignation,” composed another. “I wasn't ready for vampire being about Taylor quick. In any case, persuaded by the verses of the resentment.”

Rodrigo isn't new to having people estimate over the subjects of her tunes. As referenced, many individuals were persuaded that “Vampire” got down on Quick upon its delivery in June, while others discussed which of the previous Disney star's reputed exes (Zack Bia? Adam Bother) propelled the track. Indeed, even the absolute first tune Rodrigo delivered, “Drivers Permit,” began an out and out fan war online after audience members associated its account of selling out to her supposed separation from Joshua Bassett.

However, the “Great 4 U” vocalist will be quick to help you that this sort to remember hypothesis can prompt an impasse. “Tunes are only melodies toward the day's end,” she said in a new meeting with Sirius XM Hits 1. “Heaps of the time I compose something similar to a blend of loads of various individuals, or I work a ton of melodies out of imagination once in a while as well.”

See fan hypotheses about Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Quick and “The Resentment” underneath.

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