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Ice Spice Transforms Into Betty Boop for Halloween With Sharp Satin Pumps

Ice Zest rejuvenated Betty Boop for Halloween this year — complete with smooth shoes.

On Instagram, Ice Zest acted while in-ensemble like Boop in a bunch of sharp dark siphons. The “Store” rapper's pointed-toe style included dark silk uppers with overstated round counters and three-sided toes, wrapped up by short heels for an unobtrusive level lift — similar as Boop's own nearby toed siphons.

“think about who,” the performer subtitled her post, which acquired help in the remarks from stars including Marc Jacobs, Sabrina Woodworker and Skai Jackson.

Ice Flavor supplemented her siphons with a red bodycon minidress and wavy dark hairpiece, further copying Boop's notable outfit. Her troupe was finished with glimmering gold loop studs, two gold-conditioned bangle arm bands — a $225 etched plan hailing from Alexis Bittar — and a red tie lash highlighted with a huge red heart, comparatively to Boop's unique extras. For a smooth completion, Ice Flavor completed her look with a jewel covered cross pendant neckband and fishnet leggings.

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