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Jared Bridegan’s ex, Shanna Gardner, charged in Jacksonville Ocean side homicide plot

Jared Bridegan's ex, Shanna Lee Gardner, has now been arraigned in his trap demise in Jacksonville Ocean side in February 2022.

State Lawyer Melissa Nelson held an exceptionally short news gathering Thursday reporting the last update to the high-profile case. She said examiners will look for capital punishment against her as well as having previously prompted they are doing with her co-litigant spouse, Mario Fernandez Saldana.

Fernandez Saldana, 35, was captured on Walk 16 in Orange Region on charges of first-degree murder, connivance to carry out murder, requesting to carry out a capital crime and youngster misuse. Those are similar charges now as Gardner, 36, who was captured Thursday in the territory of Washington where she was residing. Fernandez Saldana's capture came that very day Nelson reported that Henry Arthur Join, 62, conceded to second-degree murder in the shooting and was the hitman. He was the first charged for the situation on Jan. 25.

Jared Bridegan's demise: This is the very thing we are familiar the deadly shooting in Jacksonville Ocean side

Who is Henry Join? The main suspect captured in the demise of Jared Bridegan

More captures in the case:Husband of Jared Bridegan's ex captured, charged in Jacksonville Ocean side shooting

Shanna Gardner is the ex of Jared Bridegan, who was shot to death on Feb. 16, 2022, in Jacksonville Ocean side subsequent to dropping their two children off at her home and endeavoring to go to his home in St. Augustine. Gardner talked in June with the Times-Association and was captured at a companion's home. She has now been charged for the situation.
Join consented to affirm against Fernandez Saldana and any other people who might have been engaged with the 2022 trap of Bridegan, a 33-year-old Microsoft chief from St. Augustine. Join had leased a home from Fernandez Saldana, Nelson said.

Bridegan's widow, Kristen Bridegan, and family likewise were available for Thursday's news gathering.

“From extremely, almost immediately, everything in my body and soul let me know she was behind it,” Kristen Bridegan said.

Nelson said her office and policing at the start of this examination that they wouldn't yield until revealing reality. She didn't take questions or talk about Gardner's job or what at long last prompted her capture. In any case, from the beginning, she said the examination wasn't finished.

A plot to kill in Jacksonville Ocean side: What do we are familiar Shanna Gardner, the ex currently charged in Jared Bridegan's homicide?

“Henry Join didn't act alone. Mario Fernandez didn't design alone. Also, Shanna Gardner's prosecution recognizes her focal and key job neglected, determined and planned murder of Jared Bridegan,” Nelson said.

In 2018 Fernandez Saldana wedded Gardner, whose guardians as of late said they have been alienated for quite a while. Gardner, who had moved to Washington state with her youngsters after extreme media inclusion of the case, has not addressed the Times-Association since June of last year when she said she believed that individuals should realize she wasn't involved thinking about the entirety of the investigation.

Jared Bridegan
Specialists have not talked about thought process, however a capture warrant expresses “the examination concerning Bridegan's experience uncovered a profoundly bitter separation from his ex, Shanna Gardner, and a hostile relationship with both Gardner and Fernandez Saldana.”

The prosecution likewise indicates that Gardner and Fernandez Saldana are blamed for contriving between Nov. 1, 2021, and Feb. 16, 2022, to have Bridegan killed. For Gardner it expresses her contribution might have returned similarly as May 2015, which is a couple of months after she sought legal separation.

Fernandez Saldana and Join are blamed for organizing the assault on Bridegan, who was shot on Feb. 16, 2022, subsequent to dropping his twin kids off at Mario and Shanna's Jacksonville Ocean side home. Bridegan was coming back to St. Augustine with his 2-year-old girl when he halted due to a tire on Sancturay Street.

Mario Fernandez Saldana enters a Duval Province court where the indictment exhorted the adjudicator Wednesday its purpose to seek after capital punishment for Jared Bridegan's 2022 killing in Jacksonville Ocean side.
From the get-go for the situation, police made it clear they didn't think the tire being there was a mishap. It was a dim, private street that Bridegan regularly took to get to Head servant Road. At the point when he turned his danger lights on and got out to move it, he was promptly gunned down, police said. The baby was safe in her security seat and nothing had all the earmarks of being taken.

For Shanna Gardner's sake
Gardner's lawyer, Hank Coxe, said his position continues as before that he doesn't remark freely about forthcoming issues.

The Kirton McConkie Law office in Salt Lake City, Utah, gave the accompanying assertion for the benefit of Gardner's folks, Shelli and Authentic Gardner:

“Words can't precisely communicate the profundity of our misery. Family is our first concern. We love our girl and are centered around supporting her and our whole family as we help our grandkids explore this troublesome and extremely befuddling time. For the good of they and all included, we alert against additional hypothesis and solicitation protection as the legitimate cycle runs its course. Meanwhile, we are grateful for the proceeded with help, care and supplications being so liberally shared by companions and friends and family.”

Her folks are fellow benefactors of the profoundly effective Stampin' Up! expressions and specialties organization and apparatuses in the Mormon people group in Utah.

Kristen Bridegan's reaction

“For 547 days we sought divine intervention that this day would come,” said Bridegan's widow, whose case was highlighted again on “Dr. Phil” this week.

“Shanna's capture closes one horrendous part of our quest for equity for Jared and presently we open another one,” she said. “This next part will distress. In any case, we are sure about the capacity of the SAO and policing uncover truth. We anticipate that equity should be done to the furthest reaches of the law.”

She said she told her now 4-year-old little girl Baxley who was in the vehicle that day in straightforward terms that “two miscreants” are in prison regarding her dad's passing and the lady “who she alludes to as ‘the mean mother'” presently is as well.

Kirsten Bridegan mournfully discusses her late spouse's twin youngsters actually being avoided her family following the capture of his ex Shanna Gardner on Thursday.
Concerning the twins Abby and Liam, she said they have been “kept away and secluded from us” while living with their mom Gardner, stepfather and maternal grandparents.

“Notwithstanding my consistent solicitations to see or address them, I have been denied and persistently overlooked,” she said sorrowfully. “… I beg the Gardners to put the profound and mental prosperity of Liam and Abby regardless of anything else and permit them to reconnect with us. We are their family, we love them… Allow our youngsters to be kin once more and put them first and make the wisest decision.”

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