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Jennifer Love Hewitt On Being Sexualized As A Teenager & How “Aging In Hollywood Is Really Hard”

Jennifer Love Hewitt is pondering the way in which she was sexualized as a young person and the hardships of maturing in Hollywood.

The 9-1-1 star turned into a high schooler symbol, featuring in shows like Party of Five and movies like I Understand What You Did The previous Summer and Can barely wait. Finding distinction very early in life accompanied its challenges, and Hewitt focused on her sentiments during that time while being a visitor on the Dec. 5 episode of Within You web recording.

“I felt watched. I felt like I must be everything for everyone constantly,” Hewitt said. “I was called provocative before I at any point realized what being hot was. I was 17-years of age on the front of Proverb, and I had no clue about why.”

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