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Kat Von D posts video of baptism 1 year after renouncing witchcraft and the occult

Kat Von D is starting another section of her life.

On Oct. 3, the celebrated tattoo craftsman and “LA Ink” star posted a video of her getting submersed on Instagram, over a year after she reported she was surrendering black magic.

The clasp, which is subtitled exclusively with an indication of the cross, catches a portion of individuals at the immersion, while other-worldly music plays before the camera gets comfortable on her.

“Katherine von Drachenberg, upon your calling of confidence in the Master Jesus Christ and in compliance to his heavenly order, I purify through water you, my sister, for the sake of the Dad and the Child and the Essence of God,” the minister says prior to dunking her in the baptismal pool.

She then embraces the minister while those in participation hail.

In July 2022, Von D shared a photograph of tarot cards and a few books on black magic while uncovering she was surrendering her advantage in “horrifying” topics.

“I couldn't say whether any of you have been carrying on with changes in your lives at the present time, however over the most recent couple of years I've arrived at a few pretty significant understandings — a large number of them rotating around the way that I misunderstood a great deal of things from quite a while ago,” she composed.

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