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Kourtney Kardashian reveals foetal surgery ‘saved life’ of unborn baby

Kourtney Kardashian has expressed gratitude toward specialists for “saving my child's life” by carrying out procedure on her unborn kid.

The unscripted television star, 44, said she was hurried into “critical fetal medical procedure”, in which specialists work on children while they are still in the belly.

“As somebody who has had three truly simple pregnancies before, I wasn't ready for the trepidation,” she said.

Last week, her better half Travis Barker flew home from his band Flicker 182's visit due to an “dire family matter”.


Flicker 182 delay shows over ‘family matter'
He didn't give subtleties at that point, yet has now posted: “I flew home for a dangerous crisis medical procedure for our child that I'm so thankful worked out positively. I need to say thank you for all the help.”

The couple have not uncovered the idea of the medical procedure on the child kid.

‘Most genuine gift'
In her message on Instagram, Kourtney stated: “I will be always thankful to my unbelievable specialists for saving our child's life.

“I'm unceasingly appreciative to my significant other who raced to my side from visit to be with me in the clinic and deal with me a short time later, my stone.

“What's more, to my mother, thank you for supporting me during this.”

She added: “I don't think anybody who hasn't experienced a comparable circumstance can start to grasp that sensation of dread.

“I have an entirely different comprehension and regard for the mothers who have needed to battle for their children while pregnant.

“Acclaim be to God. Leaving the medical clinic with my child kid in my stomach and safe was the most genuine gift.”

The star has three kids matured eight, 11 and 13 with Scott Disick.

She has recently spoken about her battles to imagine with Barker, 47.

In any case, in June she posted an Instagram video giving her holding up an indication at a Flicker 182 show saying: “Travis I'm pregnant.”

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