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“Mena is a shame”: LHHATL fans hammer Erica Mena for involving a racial slur against Flavor in season


Mena-ce to Society, the twelfth episode of Affection and Hip Jump Atlanta (LHHATL) season 11, was delivered on August 29, 2023. This episode saw Erica and Zest's fight arrive where their remarks caused a tremendous response among fans.

“Khaotic at long last shows Erica Banks the amount he values her. Joc's feelings become the overwhelming focus after he uncovers some staggering news about his mum. Sierra figures out how harsh a Precious stone can truly be.”
The women from the show, Erica, Shekinah, and Zest, all plunked down to talk during this episode, yet things didn't end up being true to form. The discussion started with Erica sharing her appreciation for Zest, who has dealt with her kids and profession simultaneously.

The discussion before long transformed into a battle when they began discussing their marriage and separation, and subsequently, it transformed into a fight between them. Flavor specifies the accompanying:

“Your concern Erica is you feel like you're the primary lady to be separated… you're the principal lady that is left with two kids to battle for. I've been doing it for a long time welcome to the club.”

Erica then examined how she has been a solitary parent to her two youngsters, Ruler Javien Conde and Legend Brian Samuels, for “16 years.” Flavor shared that Erica's child could do without her own mom.

Because of this discussion, Erica even considered Zest a “blue m*nkey.” After this racial remark, Erica has been getting a ton of reaction from LHHATL fans.

Flavor's remark about Erica's child was the second that truly set off her, and between the change, she reversed the situation on Zest. Following this, neither one of the stars had the option to control themselves from scrutinizing the other.

As indicated by Erica, the two stars will have a fight “until the end of time” because of Flavor's remarks on her child:

“This lady was allowed a second opportunity at life by God and here she is deciding to utilize that additional opportunity at life to come at me and my child which simply says a lot about what her identity is.”

Other than this, Erica Mena additionally referenced Zest's sepsis contamination from 2022, as announced by Urbanislandz. Accordingly, Erica expressed that Flavor ought to have “kicked the bucket” during her hospitalization:

Because of this fight, the show's fans started sharing their responses via online entertainment. While some proposed that Adoration and Hip Bounce Atlanta (LHHATL) maker Mona Scott Youthful ought to fire Erica for her remarks about Zest, others communicated their mistake with her racial comments.

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