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Rachel Bloom Says She’s Still ‘Quite Close’ with Her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Castmates (Exclusive)

It's been almost a long time since Rebecca Pack picked herself, yet Insane Ex's presence is resolute in co-maker and star Rachel Blossom's life.

“There is a gathering text. We in all actuality do in any case stay in contact,” Sprout tells Individuals of her castmates from the 2015-2019 melodic satire series. In Insane Ex, Sprout's Bundle evacuates her life — and ditches a task at a lofty law office — to move to West Covina, California, with an end goal to be more like a potential love interest from her childhood.

As a matter of fact, Insane Ex alum David Body currently shows up in Sprout's one-lady melodic satire, Demise, Let Me Do My Show, which is running off-Broadway through Jan. 6. “One of the cast individuals is clearly in my show,” Blossom, 46, says, adding that “many individuals have emerged. So indeed, we are still very close.”

Insane Ex – – CEG1_CastShot1_0577.jpg – – Envisioned (L-R): Vella Lovell as Heather, Pete Gardner as Darryl, Santino Fontana as Greg, Rachel Blossom as Rebecca
The season one cast of Insane Ex. SMALLZ and RASKIND/THE CW
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Past the enduring kinships, Insane Ex has additionally lived on through its important tunes. Melodies like “I Have Companions” and “You Moronic B- – – – ” have found new life on TikTok as sounds as often as possible utilized by clients to soundtrack their recordings.
“I love it since it simply shows you can never muscle something into virality,” Blossom tells Individuals. “Most certainly a portion of the tunes that we did on the show, quite a while back have a greater life on TikTok now, and that doesn't have anything to do with us posting it on my Instagram or tweeting or live-tweeting the episode. That is simply individuals.”

She sees the TikTok embrace as a “example” of sorts: “Everything you can do is your best work and put it out on the planet, and you can attempt to give your all to advance and muscle something into being in the general climate, yet by the day's end, indeed, it's sort of beyond your control.”

Insane Ex – – “I'm Enamored”
Rachel Blossom (left) and Donna Lynne Champlin in Insane Ex. GREG GAYNE/THE CW
Requested which from the melodies from Insane Ex's run is her undisputed top choice, Sprout challenges. “There are beyond any reasonable amount to pick since even the tunes that I didn't have the principal hand recorded as a hard copy, I prearranged each melody that was on the show,” she makes sense of. “So every tune you could name, I have a tale about that melody, the way things were composed.”

Says Blossom, “We composed 157 melodies. I could recount to you 157 stories.”

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