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Salma Hayek Moves In Her Shower robe To Observe An Instagram Achievement

Salma Hayek unquestionably got the “we should not treat Instagram so in a serious way” update. Her profile is simply two columns of befuddled emoticons and her lighthearted presents are an update on partake in the little, and irregular, things throughout everyday life. From to a snap with a shirtless Channing Tatum named “We who didn't resolve day to day, kept their garments on” to a video of her doing reverse flips on a trampoline in the mountains — its nothing unexpected that the entertainer has arrived at the achievement of 24 million devotees on the stage.

To praise the event, Hayek took to the stage as she truly does best — posting a short clasp moving in a robe encompassed by her glitz crew. Part of the way through the video, Hayek's robe encounters a slight closet glitch (which she obscured out). Obviously, the star was not staged by the slip and kept on hitting the dance floor with her group.

“24 million devotees, 24 million motivations to grin Thank you for going along with me on this wild ride!,” she subtitled the post, which has almost 1,000,000 preferences.

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