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Structure fire destroys historic Lutsen Resort along Lake Superior

The memorable Lutsen Resort primary hotel is obliterated following a design fire in the early morning of Feb. 6.

At roughly 12:24 a.m., the Cook Province Sheriff's Office was informed of an alarm at Lutsen Resort. Staff from Lutsen Resort detailed smoke coming from the floor in the anteroom region.

The Cook District Sheriff's Office said the structure was totally overwhelmed. There were no visitors on location, and no wounds were accounted for.

WTIP's Kirsten Wisniewski was nearby at Lutsen Resort toward the beginning of today and talked with Lutsen Fire Boss Steve Duclos.

Duclos said the reason for the fire is unsure as of now, and the State Fire Marshall will examine the occurrence. As of 9:30 a.m., the Fire Marshalls have shown up and are surveying the scene.

“It got completely immersed pretty quick,” Duclos said. “It's old, you know, the historical backdrop of Lutsen Resort, such a lot of like we as a whole dreaded it was a major tinderbox.”

Duclos said the Lutsen Local group of fire-fighters showed up on the scene following the alarm call at 12:30 a.m.

Subsequent to containing the fire at around 8 a.m., Duclos started delivering individual answering local group of fire-fighters teams. The answering units were the Lutsen Local group of fire-fighters, Tofte Local group of fire-fighters, Tofte People on call, Terrific Marais Local group of fire-fighters, Maple Slope Local group of fire-fighters, Gunflint Local group of fire-fighters, Finland Local group of fire-fighters, Silver Narrows Local group of fire-fighters, Fantastic Portage Local group of fire-fighters, the Cook Province Sheriff's Office.

Since Lutsen Resort's foundation during the 1880s by Charles Axel (C.A.A.) Nelson Lutsen Resort has gone through a few hands of proprietorship. The latest steward to take command of the notable retreat is Bryce Campbell in 2018.

In a Sept. 2023 meeting with WTIP, Campbell and Resort Director Edward Vanegas said they were leading remodels to extend the primary cabin by making new spaces on the third floor and adding wings or options to the principal building.

The Lutsen Resort hold up building has encountered fires previously. Fires obliterated the structure in 1949, 1951, and presently in 2024.

In a Facebook post, Lutsen Resort said, “The astounding recollections made here are in our souls as we start the weighty weighted cycle to remade back better.”

WTIP talked with Visit Cook District Chief Linda Jurek following the Lutsen Resort news on Feb. 6.

“This is truly a blow,” Jurek said. “Bryce Campbell, proprietor has invested some huge measure of energy and interest in Lutsen stop and the new marking for that. So hearts go out to them today.”

“Positive contemplations for our companions at Lutsen Hotel,” Jurek said.

After firemen struggled the fire into the early morning hours, Fountain Cabin conveyed dinners and two gallons of espresso to the firefighting teams.

After firemen and people on call got back, the EMS Chief at North Shore Wellbeing, Karla Pankow, said in a post, “Grateful for our kindred fire gatherings, all over, who have been fighting the Lutsen Resort fire since 12 PM. We're hanging around for you.”

WTIP's Kirsten Wisniewski was nearby at the Lutsen Resort fire toward the beginning of today. Photographs from the scene are beneath.

Sound from WTIP's Kirsten Wisniewski's live meeting on North Shore Morning is beneath. The sound from Wisniewski's meeting with Fire Boss Steve Duclos is underneath.

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