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Taylor Swift gives ‘life-changing’ $100,000 bonuses to Eras Tour truck drivers

Taylor Quick is going out in “Style.”

Just before wrapping up the US leg of her ridiculously effective Times Visit, Quick on Monday expressed gratitude toward a large number of group individuals who have done serious hard work out and about with her — among them, the visit's transporters — with a robust reward.

Quick staggered the visit's shipping staff by giving every driver a check in how much $100,000, Michael Scherkenbach, pioneer and Chief of Denver, Colorado-based Shomotion shipping organization, told CNN.

Shomotion is one of two transportation organizations utilized by the visit, he said. “My organization handles transportation of the stage and construction, basically the skeleton that everything holds tight at the show scene.”

While Scherkenbach declined to unveil the number of his staff got the six-figure reward, he said it was a sum of almost 50 individuals from the joined shipping teams.

The “liberal” sum, he said, far surpasses the standard anticipated reward. “The average sum is $5,000 to $10,000 each. So this huge sum is mind blowing.”

Taylor Quick performs in front of an audience during the Taylor Quick | The Times Visit at Lumen Field on July 22, 2023 in Seattle, Washington.
Taylor Quick performs in front of an audience during the Taylor Quick | The Times Visit at Lumen Field on July 22, 2023 in Seattle, Washington.
Mat Hayward/Getty Pictures for TAS Privileges The board
In any case, more than that, Scherkenbach said it is a “groundbreaking” measure of cash.

“These people, they live out and about. They rest during the day and work the entire evening,” he said. “It's a tiresome undertaking. They leave their families, small kids for a really long time. For Taylor's visit, they've been away from home for quite some time.”

To get $100,000 is an initial installment on a house or schooling cost for a kid, he said. “See, fair pay doesn't set you in that frame of mind to purchase a home. However, this opens up that chance.”

An unexpected gathering
Scherkenbach said his drivers were surprised when they were called into their thought process was a normal creation meeting on Monday. It was everything except that.

Then Quick's dad, Scott Quick, made an unexpected visit.

“The Taylor family is consistently present and kind to our drivers yet Scott by and large doesn't lead the gathering,” said Scherkenbach. “Scott gave a discourse saying that he had examined this with Taylor and they felt that it was just correct that everyone got a reward. Taylor demanded composing a manually written note to every driver and [added] a wax seal on the envelope with her monogram.”

Every envelope expressed how much the reward. “The drivers would have rather not been excessively inconsiderate and check it out. However, one looked and thought it said $1,000, another driver saw it as $10,000 and afterward the third said ‘Well this must be a joke!'” Scherkenbach said. After the letter, the checks were given with the relating charge record.

Notwithstanding his staff, Scherkenbach said other visit group individuals, remembering those for catering, video, sound and lighting, likewise got rewards.

CNN has connected with Quick for input.

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