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CGTN columnists say something regarding Mythical beast Boat Celebration zongzi banter

Zongzi, or tacky rice dumplings, are an essential piece of the Mythical serpent Boat Celebration. In addition to the fact that they are the most effective food during this season, yet there is likewise a discussion about whether exquisite or sweet fillings are better.

The merry bite is made with tacky rice joined with sweet or exquisite fillings enveloped by bamboo or reed leaves. The flavorful choice is typically loaded up with pork, hamburger or salted egg yolk – while the sweet decision is regularly made of jujube or red bean glue.

Inquisitive about the discussion, CGTN columnists Lucy, Rachel and Wendyl went on an excursion and attempted three unique kinds of zongzi and gave their surveys. With their experiences in Australia, the US and South Africa – could their zongzi inclinations be unique?

The Mythical serpent Boat Celebration falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month – which is June 22 this year.

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