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Kanye West makes comeback on stage with Travis Scott after antisemitism controversy, fans gush ‘This was epic’

Kanye West made his re-visitation of the stage after he lost billions on account of last year's prejudiced comments, this is the way fans are responding to the rapper's rebound.

Kanye West has gotten back in the saddle in front of an audience and he has done it with his long-term companion rapper Travis Scott. The previous has been entangled in debates after his racist comments however the last option doesn't appear to mind considering he has his own contentions to manage every once in a while. Scott, who is right now acting in Rome, allowed West the opportunity to make his rebound in front of an audience during his exhibition, and this is the way the fans are responding.

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Kanye West gets back in the saddle in front of an audience with Travis Scott after prejudiced remarks
In the wake of delivering his first studio collection in quite a while, Scott has been in the middle of performing. His most recent record Perfect world incorporates a few joint efforts and highlights of well known specialists yet the rapper's transition to welcome an individual famous however questionable rapper in front of an audience takes the cake. The group at Scott's show in Rome and fans across the world were shocked when West went along with him in front of an audience. Shock, shock, and energy were a portion of the feelings fans plainly went through.

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“Just a single individual on this motherf*cking planet that has at any point strolled next to each other with me through anything and each motherf*cking thing,” the 32-year-old said prior to inviting West in front of an audience during his Bazaar Maximus visit show. The rapper strolled in front of an audience and afterward played out his tune with Scott named Recognition God. He passed up a few verses during the presentation however continue to sing another track named Can't Let me don't know Anything.

Scott later said, “There is no Ideal world without Kanye West. There is no Travis Scott without Kanye West. There is no Rome without Kanye West. Make some commotion for Ye.” He further said thanks to the 46-year-old and offered his thanks for continuously being there for him. “I need to thank my older sibling, my guide, I wouldn't be here if not for him. Kanye West, the illest ever. Ideally one day we could do that visit,” Scott communicated.

Fans respond to Kanye West's rebound in front of an audience with Travis Scott
In the interim, netizens rushed to respond to West and Scott's astonishment. One client expressed, “This was epic, Travis Scott just astonished everybody at the Ideal world Rome, Italy execution with Kanye West [mind blown emoji].” One more brought up the few tunes the two have teamed up on and said, “Kanye West and Travis Scott never miss on melodies together.”

A third felt, “Ngl Travis f*cked up bringing Kanye out that early, in a real sense nothing will top that second now.” A fourth, then again, pondered, “All that Travis Scott show demonstrated to me… is that I want to see Kanye West live before I bite the dust.” A fifth answered, “Travis bringing out Kanye is dope. Love to see it.” This return comes after West gotten monstrous reaction for his racist comments a year ago. He lost billions in the wake of being dropped by brands.

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