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Kevin Nash Feels NWO Story Should Have Gone Differently

Kevin Nash has guaranteed he “basically did what every other person needed” during his NWO days and has shared how his vision would have changed the WCW scene.

Nash, Scott Corridor, and Mass Hogan shook the wrestling business in 1996 by making one of the greatest groups ever, the New World Request.

After Nash and Corridor passed on WWE to join WCW as The Outcasts, the lines among the real world and storylines obscured, and WCW started to go on in the Monday late evening rating war.

Slam At The Ocean side 1996 has stood out forever as one of the most famous minutes as Mass Hogan did the unimaginable, turned into a heel, combining efforts with The Pariahs to turn into the NWO.

However, assuming Kevin Nash had been permitted his direction during 1996 and 1997, fans would have been blessed to receive altered brand names and the formation of new worlds.Big Provocative was responding to fan inquiries on the most recent episode of Kliq This, and was inquired as to whether he would have done anything any other way during the NWO versus WCW storyline.

Nash made sense of how he felt that the name of Nitro ought to have been changed to mirror the strength of the NWO.

“It was never done the way that I generally imagined it,”

“I generally imagined that, when we assumed control over, that it would become ‘NWO Nitro.' It was done going to be WCW, it would be NWO.”

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