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Shannon Sharpe says profound goodbye to Skirt Bayless and Undisputed in the midst of ESPN bits of gossip – “You all made it exceptional”

Shannon Sharpe bid farewell to Skirt Bayless and Undisputed today after his last show. Reports had surfaced earlier that he will stop the show after the NBA Finals were finished. With the Denver Pieces securing the title with a 4-1 series triumph over the Miami Intensity, it came as soon as possible.

During the transmission, he was close to home, cleaning tears at one moment that he said thanks to Skirt Bayless. He said thanks to the veteran host for giving him the open door that permitted him to break into the media scene the way he has now.

He likewise said thanks to the many individuals who helped him en route. Shannon Sharpe set aside some margin to thank his group, individuals at Undisputed and FS1 and his loved ones.

Presently, he posted a tweet, repeating that message. While he said thanks to Skip and FS1 once more, he likewise gave a whoop to the fans for the love and support they have shown him. He said that it was what settled on his initial wakeup decision worth the effort consistently. He composed:

“I truly Value the LOVE&SUPPORT you folks have shown me over the keep going 7 yrs on Undisputed. Fox, FS1 and Skirt gave me the stage. You all made it unique. It's you all that made getting up at 3 am west coast time worth the effort. Ideally you thought that I'm instructive, enlightening engaging and honest…”

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