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Yankees fans blast Aaron Boone’s defence of Gleyber Torres’s error following series loss vs Red Sox: “Soft as charmin”

Aaron Boone is frequently reprimanded by fans and the media for being merciful with his players. That appeared to be the situation as New York Yankees fans shot him for being simple with Gleyber Torres' handling mistake that drove the game-tying go against the Red Sox.

The occurrence being referred to happened in the eighth inning with the Yanks were all the while clutching the 2-1 lead laid out in the second. With Michael Lord easing for New York, Kike Hernandez was at the plate. He swung a 82 mph sweeper toward left field. Billy McKinney, positioned in the outfield, passed the ball toward Torres, yet it was missed on the bob continuously baseman.

The ball rolled away, which was enough for Hernandez to advance toward a respectable halfway point. The Boston player would proceed to score the tying run later in the inning when Jaren Durran would hit a penance ground out. Red Sox at last took the game 3-2 in the 10th off a solitary by Hernández that scored Adam Duvall.

After the game, when gotten some information about the blunder, Boone said that surveying the general effect of the mistake by Torres is extreme. In any case, he talked about being more cautious with the ball in the outfield.

Fans, however, were having none of it as they took to Twitter to get down on Boone for his absence of responsibility and mercy with his players.

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